iTCHY originally launched on the scene in 2010 as one of the faster growing independent media agencies of that time.  We started out of Las Vegas as part of the underground heavy metal scene and quickly expanded into other genres and creative content that included independent authors, film-makers and of course, more musicians.

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iTCHY is focused on becoming the world’s first cryptocurrency-based media agent or in more familiar terms, the first blockchain enabled record label.

The argument today is that indie artists can launch and survive through DIY mechanisms. Most don’t need a record label and in the traditional sense, we completely agree. But creatives often summon their energy and expertise from a different source that isn’t always aligned to successful business strategy. iTCHY wants to help artists do more than survive.  We want them to “sustain and maintain”. We want them to thrive.

Accomplishing this goal is dependent on executing a true monetization plan, and it can quickly become a complex undertaking.  It takes more than drive and talent. It requires strong business acumen, the right relationships, technical expertise in emerging technologies, understanding the market and the ability to navigate multiple layers across different industries.  For these important reasons, choosing a business partner with the right experience and an established, global community is an advantage and a critical success factor.

We realize that artists create some of the coolest and most innovative small businesses in the world. But there is a true challenge in consistently monetizing this work and growing a profitable business. The entertainment industry is incredibly volatile and in some ways those swings resemble what we’re experiencing in today’s crypto markets.

iTCHY’s platform will re-calibrate the value of creative work and content as determined by the audience and market place. Artists maintain their independence while leveraging a global community resource for collaboration, co-branding and unique go-to-market opportunities. While these partnerships grow and thrive, value is measured and tracked through a crypto-token based economy, fueled by iTCHYCoin (ITCHY).


Back in the day, art didn’t have one blanket price attached to it. Sometimes you’d pay more depending on if it was from an artist of higher notoriety, a compilation, special edition or seasonal work.  Amounts could vary drastically and there was no such thing as “one price fits all”. Then, in 2001 a revolution began, starting with the music industry.

When Apple’s Steve Jobs introduced the iPod, the iTunes online marketplace would forever change the value of music by setting the universal price of every song at a generic .99 cents.  It didn’t matter if you were a nobody from nowhere or the likes of Michael Jackson.  In one fatal swoop, “Thriller” shared equal monetary value to “Billy’s garage recordings by candle light.”  Quality wasn’t factored into the equation and it was from there that the value of musical art would continue to diminish.  Downloads evolved into streams and both cannibalized the CD market.  Cassettes and vinyl became novelties and the world had forever changed. Fact is, the masses don’t pay for music anymore. They simply listen over the internet through an all-inclusive subscription price from their preferred provider.  The gratification is instant, the quality is good enough.

What doesn’t make sense however, is that the production costs of making a commercially viable product are still significant.  At the megastar level, releases can still cost megabucks and although technology has leveled the playing field on the quality output that can be achieved at home versus professional studio, the return on that investment is still minuscule, at best. Albeit .99 cents or hardly even a penny when streamed.

This just doesn’t seem right.  Art moves, it influences, it shapes the mind, heart and spirit.  It rallies to battle and soothes to peace. It comforts, it ignites. It is our friend.  Certainly, this holds much more value than a fraction of a penny.


As technology would introduce the problem, it would also enable a solution and up until now the industry has tried everything from tightly controlling the supply to litigation in an effort to force more dollars from a dry well.  But it wasn’t until blockchain technology emerged that a true solution could surface.

iTCHYCoin is the first community currency with the sole purpose of reinforcing the value of art and more specifically, music.  The underlying technology is based on the Ethereum blockchain. This is what enables the digital contract that registers iTCHYCoin on the global Ethereum ledger. Blockchain technology ensures security through its robust encryption algorithm and this in turn, ensures a higher level of transactional integrity when this digital currency is exchanged for goods or services. The blockchain enables an alternative way to save and transmit data and transactions between computers and systems.  Because it’s decentralized, no one person or company owns or controls it, making it more private, secure and less prone to fraud.  It’s the ideal mechanism to keep things transparent and trust-worthy in an industry that has a reputation for being the contrary.

But the unique power and differentiator of iTCHYCoin is that it is directly responsible for infusing value back into the art by allowing fans to transact through an exclusive crypto token whose monetary equivalent is purely market driven.  No longer is a song bound by the .99 cent industry standard. No longer is a streaming payout limited to a fractional percentage.  Rather, values are determined by the actual market capitalization of iTCHYCoin.

In this way, a single iTCHYCoin could have a fiat currency equivalent of whatever the market determines and for the first time, the value of a creative work (song, book, film, etc.) has the flexibility to actually increase pre or post sale depending on present market demand.

iTCHY always understood the power and unique value of our artist community.  We helped pioneer the ability to harness that value and in doing so, we created a global reach that extended to over 60 artist and partner brands which fueled our early growth.

To align with that history, our re-defined roadmap includes plans to expand our community through some new additions and our first go-to-market offerings for 2018 will present two new, unique and vastly different creative announcements.

The first comes from the adrenalized growth we’ve witnessed first-hand out of the South Central, Los Angeles market. There, the underground punk and metal music scene is experiencing unprecedented momentum and iTCHY has already secured agreements that put us right in the center of all the action.

Secondly, we’ll be announcing a unique road-show experience that showcases the artistry and mentality of some of the world’s greatest, legacy artists as never before seen. Shared through the Grammy award winning production teams that helped shape their sound and understood their humanity, these first- hand insights take us deep into the creative genius that influenced our culture, our playlists and our worlds.


To fund our growth and execute on our plans, we’re launching ITCHY Coin through an Ethereum-based Token Generation Event (TGE).

Our TGE will begin in the first quarter of 2018. We’re confident that the historic support of iTCHY will continue into this new endeavor and introduce us to a new wave of fans, influencers, creators and supporters.

Acquiring the iTCHY Coin tokens (ITCHY) requires users to have an ERC-20 compatible wallet (such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, etc.) with an available Ethereum balance. The minimum TGE contribution is $10 USD equivalent of Ethereum. In addition, there is a matching incentive for contributions of $100 USD or higher through the TGE period.

Details on eligibility requirements, white papers and additional instructions on how to obtain tokens will be updated on the official website as well as broadcast on the iTCHY social media channels (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)


For additional info or inquiries, please use the contact form below or e-mail us directly at and we’ll help guide you through the process.  Thank you for your continued support!

Disclaimer:  Cryptocurrency coins and tokens issued in ICOs and TGEs are subject to extreme volatility, often carry little or no investor protection, and are high-risk given the unregulated nature of the space and early stage of many projects. The issuer makes no guarantees or claims regarding future profitability or valuation of investment(s).


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