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Got MBA? Indie Artists Need Managers with Business Resumes

  • October 1, 2016

In the DIY world of art, many forego the traditional music labels to pursue things on their own.  However, one undeniable truth is that artists still need to consider a business strategy and we’re not talking about letting just any friend or cousin of the band play the role of manager.

Building a brand is in every sense a business process which is subject to life cycles and workflows.  Steps, if you will and most artists don’t find them interesting, sexy or anywhere near what they envision of the rock star life. But without someone minding the desk, most will never mind your music and for this, any serious artist should realize the critical importance of hiring (yes, paying for) a proven business manager.

“Taking artists from garage to Grammy or amateur zero to hometown hero isn’t as easy as learning it on the internet,” states iTCHY Music founder Ed Fassio. “Effective artist management requires thought leadership, relationship maintenance, cross team and partner collaboration and technical savvy for starters. These days, knowing how to put your video online and get t-shirts printed isn’t enough. Your management team is literally in charge of building the business of your brand and very few indie artists out there are doing it correctly.”

“Here’s some advice,” continues Fassio. “Ask for their resume. Conduct an interview, and have a budget in mind.”

Take into consideration this article on the subject posted on TuneCore’s blog by George Howard:

Artist Managers Must Understand Their Role Is Now Business Development



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