As a proud industry disruptor, iTCHY Music is pioneering blockchain technology into our core business strategy.  Through innovative thought leadership, our global organization meshes art and tech, delivering unconventional methods of client management, partner-enablement, production and marketing.

Birthed from the union of emerging technology and entertainment, iTCHY began as an artist management company in the mid-2000’s and officially launched as a indie record label in 2010.  Today, iTCHY remains dedicated to Empowering Artists and Enabling Brands through the Influence of creative works. We always understood the power and unique value of our collaborative community. In fact, we helped pioneer the ability to harness that value even before the major social media networks were in mainstream existence. In doing so, we created a global reach that extended to over 60 artist and partner brands which fueled our early growth.

Although our foundation is music, this is not our only capacity. iTCHY believes artistic value is derived from a variety of limitless channels and interpretations. As an early adopter and contributor to social media, iTCHY deployed the concept of direct-to-consumer co-branding for independent artists by teaming start-up entrepreneurs with local entertainment leaders.  In doing so, we quickly grew a loyal community, extending our artists, partners and messaging to literally millions around the world. Today, we continue to push boundaries and abandon the traditional.

As a member of the prestigious Recording Academy and authorized Grammy Awards media partner, iTCHY Music & Entertainment (IME) is devoted to re-engineering the value relationships between artists, label, fans and business partners. We’re looking to find people that share our passion and understand how to build a common vision for success.

iTCHY operates under the constant mantra that “Art Influences Everything…”

Itchy Media, IME and Itchy Music are subsidiaries of Itchy Metal Entertainment, Inc.

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iTCHY Music Group’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) | ITCHY Coin from iTCHY Music on Vimeo.


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